Use 3M Window Films to Improve Your Workspace

Use 3M Window Films to Improve Your Workspace

Improving employee comfort and productivity are therefore vital for facility managers. 3M commercial window films can help in these areas. In addition to reducing utility expenses, commercial window film also improves your workers’ experience. Here are four ways in which commercial window film benefits workers:

1.) Reduced glare from computer screens. Your workers won’t be negatively affected by solar glare since commercial window films deflect this light.

2.) Reduced solar hot spots. Commercial window films also lower the number of solar hot spots in your office, improving your employees’ comfort while they work.

3.) Increased privacy. Commercial window film increases privacy, giving workers space, reducing distractions and enabling greater productivity. At the same time, they still have a view because the films let in natural light.

4.) Improved security and safety. Commercial window films can also greatly enhance your office’s security in a number of ways. First, they protect your windows from graffiti. They can also protect your employees from the sun’s harmful UV rays, deflecting 99% of incoming UV light. Finally, 3m security window film will help prevent thieves from entering your building through its windows.


Installing commercial window films has many benefits, especially in terms of improving worker experience. By installing window films, not only will you cut down on utility expenses and maintain the quality of your furnishings — which can be damaged by UV rays — you will also improve your workers’ levels of comfort and productivity. If you are interested in learning more about 3M Window Film Installation contact TriState Sun Control.