Frequently Asked Questions

What is window film?
Window film, which some also called window tint, is a transparent plastic film or metallic laminate which is applied to glass windows. Window film is available in many different compositions with varying effects on the optical and mechanical properties of the underlying glass. Because it is applied to finished glass, it is easier to install and less expensive than chemically-altered specialty glass.

Can I see through window film?
The customer decides how see through the window film is. Window film comes in various designs, colors and tints. Whatever your needs, we can accommodate your preference. It can be almost virtually clear or completely non-transparent. In most cases, when customers use window film for solar control needs, the film is designed to be optically clear and can be likened to the effects of wearing a really nice pair of sunglasses. Installed correctly, the window film becomes virtually unnoticeable.

Is it light or dark?
The customer decides how dark or shiny they would like it be. You can decide to use a virtually clear, non-reflective window film such as one in the 3M Prestige Series or a darker version. It’s really entirely up to the customer and their preferences.

Does window film block all outside light?
No! Special care has gone into designing window films to be especially made to control heat, fade and glare. They also add safety from broken glass - you won’t even notice that window film has been installed. Window film comes in a wide variety of shades. We are careful to help you choose the proper film type for your particular need.

Will it work on all my windows?
There is a window film for virtually every kind of window or glass. Window film can be applied to patio doors, entry doors, skylights, large windows, small French window panes or any other type of glass. It is also safe for tempered glass and dual pane windows.

How do I select the right film?
Our service professionals at Tri State Sun Control, take special care to help you with the window film selection process. We make sure to pinpoint your needs and expectations and then recommend the right window films for your project. To help you decide, we also have a complete collection of samples for you to examine.

Will installation make a mess? Do I install it myself?
Our window film products are carefully installed by factory-trained installers. Theses talented specialists will treat your property or home with extreme care.

Is window film really expensive?
When you consider all the benefits of window film, it actually turns out to be very economical and is a great investment. When you compare our products and service to other companies, you will see that quality stands out and our customer service is second to none.

How long does it take to install window film?
It depends on how many windows are to be done. In most cases, residential installations can be completed in one day. We recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our representatives. Our skilled team can help you understand all the time factors or your specific project and give you an estimated time line for your installation.

What about my Pet? Will they scratch the window film?
Sometimes pets have learned to signal their owners by pawing at a glass door to be let out. The claws of large dog or the sharp claws on a house cat can indeed cause damage to the window film over time. Tri State Sun Control does have an invisible pet guard system that can be place over any solar control window film that will help prevent damage.

Can I take the window film off?
Window film is designed to be a permanent installation. However, it can be removed without causing any damage to the window, even after being applied for years. This may be preferred if your home is being sold or you are leaving an office space.

Will window film damage my windows?
With proper window film selection there is little threat to your windows, frames or seals. We offer warranties against such things as thermal breakage and seal failures (when applicable).

How can window film save me energy?
Window film reduces the amount of heat that is allowed to enter a home or office. When this is accomplished, you can better control the interior temperature and cut your air conditioning usage.

How do window films get installed?
Authorized window glass coating dealers are trained to install the materials. The materials are applied to the outside or inside of the glass, but more commonly to the interior. There are multiple steps to the process, from preparing the films to be applied to completing the process by removing excess water, trimming the edges and ensuring that all materials have dried.

Can I install window films myself?
No. It is not advisable to install window films on your own. It requires trained professionals.

Does Ultraviolet protection lose its efficacy over time?
As 3M states on its website, ultraviolet (UV) protection used in the adhesive system of window films will not last indefinitely. However, the window films should retain their UV deflecting ability for a long time.

How long does it take for most window films to dry?
Usually the process takes about 30 days and at the most 45. After this period, most films have had the time to dry and cure. Small bubbles or a hazy-like appearance are normal and go away as the material dries.

Can I reduce glare with window film?
In an answer – Yes! By selecting a window film with a tint, you can cut down the amount of light coming through a window. Think of it as sun glasses for your windows. Window film can definitely create a more comfortable environment.

Can window film prevent sun fading?
Absolutely, in fact that is one of the principal reasons homeowners purchases window film. Window film is designed to filter out the bad light and only allow the good light to enter your home or building.

How long does 3M Window Film last?
3M window film is durable and made from very high-quality materials. Most applications last for many years.

How does window film stop sun fading?
Window films are designed to reduce the major causes of fading (ultraviolet light, visible light, and solar heat). By doing this it can prolong the life of your furnishings, conceivably as much as two to five times.

Can window film keep my house or office cool?
Yes! Window film reduces the amount of solar energy passing through a window. This helps reduce the amount of heat transferred into a room through its windows. In some cases, window film can make a room 8-10 degrees cooler.

Will window film increase the value of my home?
We can’t guarantee a dollar value, but based on customer feedback, we’ve learned that people love our window films and wouldn’t want to live without it. Tri State Sun Control has very loyal customers, who’ve used our services again and again.

How can window film save me energy?
By reducing how much heat is allowed to enter a building or home, you can better control the interior temperature and cut your air conditioning usage.

Will window film fit my doors and windows?
Yes, the film for each window or door is custom cut to fit the exact size of your window. This means we can fit nearly any size window or door without special seams, even for extremely large windows. Window film can safely be applied to any kind of window or door – single or double hung, casement, bay window, sliding patio doors and storm windows. Some of our window films are better suited for certain types of windows.

Can I use window film on double-paned windows?
Yes, the correct window film products are safe to use on any modern day dual-pane window, even tempered windows or dual-pane windows with a LOW-E coating. It is best to consult a window film professional to ensure the proper window film is used.

Can window film work on skylights?
There are window films specifically designed to be applied to skylights. Skylights have their own unique challenges that need to be kept in mind when selecting a proper window film to use. Some may require external installation. Your Tri State Sun Control specialist can explain more.

Can I use window film on triangular window?
You sure can. Because we custom cut the window film to fit perfectly any window size – even triangular windows can be fit perfectly. So can circles, trapezoids, and hexagon shapes - you name it, we can do it!

Can having window films lower my utility bills?
Yes. Heat that comes through your windows increases your utility bill. 3M Window Film "reduces heat gain by up to 79 percent, which helps lower energy consumption."

Will 3M films stop my furniture from fading?
While there is no solution that completely prevents fading, 3M Window Films get at the root causes of fading: mainly, ultra violet light, visible light and solar heat. In turn, they preserve the condition of your furnishings for two to five times as long.

Why do commercial customers choose window film?
While there are many reasons, some of the main ones are reduced heating and cooling costs, improved worker and occupant comfort, better safety and security, and longer A/C equipment life.

How do I clean window films?
Wait 30 days after installation before cleaning. You can use household cleaning products, including ammonia-based solutions. However, do not use abrasive products, as they can scratch the surface of the film.

What is the warranty for 3M Window Film?
Warranty covers window films against such incidents as bubbling, peeling, cracking, crazing as well as discoloration. If the product is found defective, 3M and your authorized dealer will replace the film and perform an installation free of charge within the warranty period.