Ways to keep your home’s windows in top shape

Ways to keep your home’s windows in top shape

Picture your home. Now, imagine your home without its windows. It’s a much different image, isn’t it? As homeowners, we tend to take our windows for granted at times. After all, they’re essential: they let natural light in; protect the inside from wind, rain, and snow; and make our homes secure. And, just like any other essential part of your home, they require the right maintenance and care.

In this article, we’ll review several steps you can take to care for your windows and keep them in their best-possible shape. By doing so, you’ll help extend their lifespan, keeping your glass beautiful for many, many years ahead.

Wash your windows right

Too many homeowners think that “washing” their home’s windows consists of spraying them down with the garden hose and letting them dry in the sun. As it turns out, there’s a better way to do this. Here’s how to wash your windows right: 

  • Avoid using hard water: If your home and neighborhood’s water is hard—meaning it has a high mineral content—avoid using tap water to hose down your windows. When blasted onto the glass with a garden hose, these minerals can cause damage. Hard water will also leave unsightly spotting and mineral deposits.
  • Start with dish soap: You don’t necessarily need a name-brand window cleaning product to start this project. Just add a tablespoon of dish soap to your bucket of water. A natural degreaser, dish soap will remove smoke, dirt, dust, pollutants, and other contaminants stuck to the glass’ surface.
  • Use the right tools: This likely won’t be the last time you wash your home’s windows, so invest in some inexpensive tools to get the job done right. This includes a bucket, squeegees, sponges, and lint-free cloths to wipe down the windows with when you’re done.

Cleaning your windows does more than just making them look better. By clearing off bird droppings, mineral buildup, and more, you’ll actually be helping to extend the life and look of the glass.

Protect your windows with the right film

Your window glass might seem relatively impervious, but, in reality, it’s just as fragile as any other glass around your home. The right impact will cause it to shatter, sending dangerously sharp shards of glass flying inside. This can occur for a wide range of reasons: an off-speed baseball pitch, a break-in attempt, or a storm that sends a tree branch careening into the window. Your home’s windows are really exposed to that wide world out there—and are relatively unprotected.

One way to change that is by having a professional shield your windows with protective film. Window film is a popular, proven way to protect window glass from shattering or breaking. It’s completely see-through: once applied by a pro, you and others in your home won’t even notice it’s there. This near-invisible layer shields the glass, protecting it from impacts (such as errant baseballs) and preventing the glass from shattering into thousands of dangerous shards if the window does break.

Window film, when applied by a professional, should last the lifetime of your windows. It’s the perfect addition for any homeowner who wants to extend the life of their windows and window glass.

Replace the glass, not the entire window

In the event that one of your windows does break, your first instinct might be to replace the entire window. However, this is often unnecessary—and expensive. Instead, talk to some local glass replacement specialists in your area. It’s often far less costly to put in a new pane of glass than it is to replace the entire window, glass and frame included.

This same principle applies to other common glass problems, such as fogging, chips, or warping. Unless there’s an underlying issue with the frame—such as rot, water damage, leaks, or external damage—it’s almost always worth looking into window repair over window replacement. Ultimately, this helps you get more mileage out of all the windows in your home.

Appreciate the beauty of your windows

The more time and effort you put into caring for your home’s windows, the better they’ll look in all the years to come. If you have questions about maintaining your windows, be sure to talk to a window specialist in your area and get their advice. Whether they’re applying protective film or replacing your glass, the right professional can help you extend the lifespan of your windows.  Call TriState Sun Control today for your window film quote!

Guest Blogger:
Diane Thompson
Home Maintenance Writer